Will Follow Me

This content is drawn from: Psalm 18:1-19

“Surely goodness and love will follow me…” Psalm 23:6a

The word “pursue” would be a better translation than the word “follow” in the passage above. Often David was being chased down by his enemies. He must have written with great relief about the reality that the greater thing he was pursued by was God’s love. How wonderful to be pursued relentlessly by the Shepherd-King who came with goodness and unfailing love!

Images may come to mind of the loving, dogged pursuit of one person for another. You think of parents coming after their grown child again and again to pull him out of the grip of drug or alcohol addictions; you think of the teacher who keeps pushing the wayward student to do the work; you think of the woman chasing after her friend who is headed down the path of destruction yet another time. Perhaps you have been the one pursing another, or perhaps you were the one being chased down. If you were the latter, you may not have wanted the help at all.

God knows what is best for you, and He already went to the cross for you to fight off Satan, evil, and death.

Our heavenly Father does more than just follow us; He has pursued us and saved us!

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