My dear Blogger friends,

I had a so-so day but I try to remember that the 24th I will fly to Georgia to see my daughter, my son in law I love like a son and my grandchildren.

It is wonderful that the Father gives me sufficiently to buy a plane ticket. I wish I had more money to go see my


father that turns 80 the 13th of this month. In one more day. I miss him as well and have not seen him in 6 years almost 7. God’s Will be done so I pray I can go see him before is too late for him or me. One never knows when the time comes to go to the Lord. My father is a nonbeliever and there is not a night when I don’t ask Jesus to save him.

Enough for tonight. My mood is swinging up and down. I need to talk to our Savior.

Love you all. Ty for stopping by. God bless you all,