October 7
A Place Where Travelers May Live…Forever
“O LORD, who may stay in your tent? Who may live on your holy mountain?” (Psa_15:1)
Surely by now you know that you are a Traveler in this Life? And, you must also know that travelling takes it toll. Whether it be by planes, trains, or automobiles – travelling exacts its hefty fare from those who spend their time going to and fro for this or that.
All along the roadway there are opportunities aplenty for us to make the right or wrong choice; there are potholes and pitfalls, inclines and rock slides, tight turns and narrow margins – each demanding something of us at every step along the way.
the Psalmist asked, “O LORD, who may stay in your tent?” The image here is describing a traveler who turns aside from the road to seek hospitality; like at a roadside rest stop. “Lord, who may rest in Your presence?”
And then he asks further, “Who may live on Your holy mountain?” (Psa_15:1). This word has a sense of more permanence with it. Rather than just stopping for a short visit in the Presence of the Lord, we now have the invitation to live in His Presence all the time.
In the remaining verses of this Psalm, the Lord answers the Psalmist’s question, and He shows what He is looking for in the lives of those He welcomes into His Presence.
There are Five Qualities listed:
Personal Integrity – “The one who walks with integrity, does what is righteous, and speaks the truth within his heart.”
Relational Faithfulness – “The one who does not slander with his tongue, do evil to a friend, or bring disgrace on his neighbor.”
Moral Strength – “The one who despises those rejected by God but honors those who fear the LORD.”
Sacrificial Dedication – “The one who makes a promise and does not break it, even though he is hurt by it.”
Financial Honesty – “The one who does not collect interest on a loan or take a bribe against an innocent person.”
some honest and reflective time today and assess where you measure up in these five areas. It may mean the difference between faking it – or making it in your journey through this world.
Travel well my fellow pilgrim! And may you find that Place where Travelers may live forever — in the Presence of the Lord!

5 thoughts on “Rylisms

  1. I do not believe that God rejects anyone because they are His creation and if need be He will hone them so that they have the opportunity to be righteous in His sight. God loves ALL of His creation and is all forgiving of sins. If one repents and asks for forgiveness it will be given.


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