God is saying to you, “You are My adamant.” It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel adamant right now; you are wrapped in the indestructible work of Christ. Listen to some of the things God declares over you today: 

You are My adamant, firm yet transparent—people look through you and see Christ. 

You are My adamant—the Spirit of Christ dwells in you to make you immovable and unshakable. 

You are My adamant—you have a soul of fire!

Jesus came to baptize us with the Holy Spirit and with fire. This is the baptism we must receive. When we are born again, our lifeless hearts are quickened by the fiery brilliance of His eternal love. 

You don’t know what you look like in the spirit. You think you’re only speaking words, but you are speaking fire! You are speaking things that separate with light and truth the lies of the enemy that have been on people for so long. You are speaking fire that melts chains. You need to stand in this truth. 

The gift on your life is like a fire. Do not let it go out. Breathe on the coal and fan it into a huge blaze! Others need that fire to burn brightly in you and from you, because you are His child, reborn of His nature. 

God speaks to you as you will become, not as you are. He has so much faith in His plan for your life. In light of this, what are some things you need to stop (or start) speaking over yourself?

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My dear Blogger friends,

Is time to say bye for now.

I feel as I might post again TONIGHT but, in case I don’t,  I want to tell you all how much I appreciate you and your visits. I pray you will all be blessed.

Those suffering especially.

I prayed with Toby for all of you.

Be of good cheer.