A Witness for the Next Generation’ in England By Gabrielle Redcay   •   September 22, 2018


many generations at Festival
Various generations passionately joined together in surrender to God on the second day of the Lancashire Festival of Hope.

If you took a glimpse inside the Winter Gardens entertainment complex Saturday night, you never would’ve guessed Blackpool, England, has a reputation for being the Las Vegas of the United Kingdom.

From the moment London rapper Guvna B took the stage until Rend Collective closed out the night, the multi-generational crowd was engaged—standing and clapping, with hands raised and voices joined in praise to God at day two of the Lancashire Festival of Hope. From the back row of the Opera House to the overflow seating in the Empress Ballroom, more than 4,000 people in attendance leaned in attentively to the evening of music, testimonies and the truth of the Gospel.

However, the locals inside told a bit of a different story—one that is not limited to this U.K. tourist town, but reverberates around the world.

“What I’ve noticed about Blackpool is that it’s very open to the dark,” said Michelle Wilkie, who lives in Liverpool but has visited the coastal town multiple times. “I hope people can see the light tonight. I hope this can be a witness for the next generation.”

Leanne Hutchinson, a 25-year-old youth leader from nearby Preston, also expressed hopes for the salvation of her generation at the Festival’s youth night. She explained that young people in the area are familiar with faith, “but society today and technology have taken over in a bad way, and people don’t live it out.”

Franklin Graham Blackpool
Franklin Graham continued his father’s legacy of bolding proclaiming the Good News by urging the Blackpool crowd to surrender their lives and souls to God. Billy Graham’s visit to the Lancashire town in 1982 made an impact that believers in the U.K. remember to this day.

While young people of today face different temptations than those in Biblical times, Franklin Graham explained that humankind’s rebellion against God is a story that has extended across generations.

“We see the world today is full of rebellion,” said Franklin Graham, referencing the story of Manasseh from 2 Kings 21. He explained how the former king of Judah committed great evil in the eyes of the Lord. But when he asked for forgiveness, God set him free.

“Are you rebelling? Have you been shaking your fist in the face of God?” Franklin said, encouraging the crowd to not rely on their good works or their family’s faith. “Tonight you can chart a new course for your life.”

After sharing his own story of surrendering his life to Christ at the age of 22, Franklin Graham gave the thousands gathered in Blackpool and watching online the opportunity to do the same.

And many people did not let that opportunity pass them by.

Franklin Graham Blackpool
“God has standards. God has laws. And the thing is all of us have broken them,” Franklin Graham said Saturday night. Then he offered the more than 4,000 people in attendance the only source of hope: Jesus Christ.

“It’s fantastic, because we need the younger generation,” prayer volunteer and Blackpool native Steve Wardle said after talking with a young man who recommitted his life to Christ. “In our church we pray for the young people. They’re the next generation in the kingdom of God, and we’ve just got to encourage them.”

The volunteer, who attended Billy Graham’s 1982 Crusade in Blackpool, has been praying and training for the event for over a year. All that preparation became worth it Saturday night, as he connected with the young man who made a decision for Christ.

As the gray-haired counselor and bleach-blonde youth talked at the packed front of the Opera House, the young man’s brother stood nearby in support.

“It’s pretty shocking to see such a crowd come forward,” his brother Dan said. He came to day two of the Lancashire Festival of Hope, made curious by Franklin Graham and his notoriety in the region.

As Dan reunited with his brother up front, Steve said, “Thank you for bringing your brother. … You’re both such a blessing.”

Rend Collective
“Let’s not be timid. Let’s lift up our arms. Let’s be fearless tonight,” said Chris Llewellyn, lead singer of Rend Collective. The passionate crowd in Blackpool responded, with many standing in praise and others lifting their hands in worship.

Even as many surrendered their lives to God Saturday night, the temptations outside the doors of Winter Gardens did not disappear. But the multi-generational church joining together for the Festival gives hope that revival can start today and continue for generations to come.

“I am excited to see Christians uniting together to spread the Gospel, the truth,” Michelle said, “Because God is the truth.”

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Jesus Himself was the first missionary! He did not sit by passively and let those who happened to be interested in His teaching come to Him. He went out where the sick, the sorrowing, and the sad were, and expounded His message of joy, healing, and salvation. Even at a tender age, He went to the Temple and “taught” the doctors and lawyers who were entrenched in the old traditions. He found His way to the seaside and intruded upon the life of the commonest of laborers, saying, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Wherever He went He challenged, uprooted, and changed men. And at length they nailed Him to a cross because He had upset their selfish, secure, smug way of life. Not only was Jesus a missionary, but He pledged His followers to be missionaries, too!

Listen: Billy Graham preaches on the cost of not following Jesus.

Prayer for the day

Wherever I go, it is a mission field for You, Lord. Help me to be conscious of this, so that I may tell others the joyous message.

A Living Presence

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If we could look through mighty telescopes or listen to electronic soundings, we could hear and see the metallic stars which both Russia and America have put into space in the past years. None of these synthetic stars have brought peace to the world. But God’s star promised peace to the whole world, if man would believe and trust.

Too often man’s synthetic stars bring fear and anxiety. Our gadget-filled paradise, suspended in a hell of international insecurity, certainly does not offer us the happiness of which the last century dreamed.

But there is still a star in the sky. There is still a song in the air. And Jesus Christ is alive. He is with us, a living presence, to conquer despair, to impart hope, to forgive sins, and to take away our loneliness and reconcile us to God.

Jesus can cure the despair of loneliness. Read this classic Billy Graham message.

Prayer for the day

Your peace reaches all who love and trust You, living Lord Jesus. Beloved Savior, I praise Your holy name!