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Leadership Insight from the Maxwell Bible, Day 22

Today’s reading is drawn from Romans 14.

The Values and Conscience of a Leader

How are we to respond to others who hold values different from our own? That’s the issue of Romans 14. Paul speaks in this passage not of eternal issues or absolute truths, but about “gray areas”—subjects that are questionable and maybe even fuzzy. Christians can differ on these issues and still be part of the same organization. On these issues, no scripture declares an unequivocal right or wrong. Note Paul’s counsel for situations like this:

  1. Be open, not condescending (vv. 1–3).
  2. Remember that everyone answers to the Lord, not to you (v. 4).
  3. Cling to your own convictions (v. 5).
  4. Whatever your values, your motive should be to please God (vv. 6–9).
  5. You are ultimately accountable to the Lord (vv. 10–12).
  6. Do not cause anyone to stumble (v. 13).
  7. Don’t let others impose their values on you, and vice versa (v. 14).
  8. Make love your highest aim (v. 15).
  9. Major on the majors and minor on the minors (vv. 16–18).
  10. Pursue peace and adding value to people (v. 19).
  11. Don’t destroy anyone by imposing your values on them (vv. 20–22).
  12. Anything is wrong that is not done out of personal faith (v. 23).



My dear Blogger Friends,

I had a busy day trying with a friend helping me, to write my testimony to read to C.R. I have a hard time writing down only a little part of my life because is full of little and big happenings, at CR we only have 20 minutes to explain and tell other how the Lord touched my life. He touched it so many times, during trials and sinning times that 20 minutes can only give a small window to tell people of the Grace that has been given to me all my life. Well, we will try again next week.

Have a good night blessed and filled by His Love and Grace.

Thank you for reading this,

Love you in Christ Jesus,