God Does Not Respond to the Rebellious
It is bad to be in trouble. It is worse to be in trouble and on the outs with God.

According to the passage above, if we harbor sinful attitudes in our souls or willfully indulge in sinful activities, we should not expect God to respond to our prayers.

This is not because God doesn’t love us. He does — more than we realize. It’s not because God doesn’t want to help us. He longs to deliver. A holy God, however, cannot wink at sin or look the other way. Intimacy with God requires honesty, humility and purity.

For us to attempt to approach God without first addressing the ways in which we have knowingly offended him is an exercise in futility. Sin is the elephant in the room that must be acknowledged and dealt with. Once we do this, we again enjoy sweet fellowship with God. Clean and forgiven, we can be sure he hears our pleas for help.

God’s Promise to Me
*I do not hear the prayers of those who have unconfessed sin in their lives.

*I hear the prayers of the righteous.

My Prayer to God
Lord, by your Spirit, give me the humility to take a hard look at my life. Show me any wrong attitudes and actions that I need to acknowledge, confess and repent of.


God Has Given You All You Need in Christ
“Complete” means everything’s included or done. Nothing else is needed.

“Incomplete” means something is lacking — and we must either live without that missing something or try to acquire it somehow.

How much of our busyness stems from the reality that our lives our “incomplete” until we are finally united with Christ? Are we playing or vacationing to the point of exhaustion in hopes of acquiring “missing” experiences?

Today’s promise says that God will bring his good work in us to completion. Such a bold statement requires us to ask ourselves:

Do we honestly believe Jesus is enough? Are we trusting that he provides ultimate wholeness? Do our lives reflect our belief that our completeness is to be found in him?

God’s Promise to Me
*Jesus is fully God.

*You are one with Christ.

*I will carry you through to completeness in Christ.

My Prayer to God
O Lord, by grace, through faith, I am eternally linked to you. I am part of your body. You are the head. Thank you that my needs are fully met in you. Forgive me for the times I think and act as though you are not enough.


God Promises You Peace
What’s the solution for someone whose gut is in knots? Alcohol? Valium? A vacation at the beach? A weekend full of amusements and fun?

Such common remedies might offer temporary relief from stress, but the longterm, ongoing answer for anxiety is simple prayer. Pouring out your heart to God. Honestly sharing your needs with him.

It’s not like you’re telling God things he doesn’t know. And you’re not guaranteed everything you ask for. But what you do get when you pray is God’s ear and his heart. And if you linger long enough in his presence to get his perspective, you’ll find his perfect peace (see Isaiah 26:3).

Prayer isn’t magic. But when you talk to God honestly and in simple faith, it’s pretty close.

God’s Promise to Me
*If you pray about your concerns, I will give you my peace.

*My peace is too wonderful for you to comprehend.

*My peace will guard your heart and mind.

My Prayer to God
God, keep me praying instead of worrying. You promise peace — wonderful, supernatural peace — to those who look to you. In an anxious world, this is a blessed promise — the promise of peace.