My dear Blogger friends.

Here we are again, another 24 hours and who know how many more days we all have. Enjoy your family, trust in the Lord when you are hurt. Thank Him and I am telling this to myself first.

I just remembered again the fragility of our lives.

Let’s all stay near our Father.

I am grateful as I  half sitting half laying down, am writing goodnight from the phone to all of you. 

I  thank you all for keeping me company, Blogging and reading what I post. 

God bless you and yours, always.,






Gives You the Capacity to Be Gentle
In Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount he told his followers, “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth” (Matthew 5:5). And later in his ministry he characterized himself as “gentle and humble in heart” (Matthew 11:29). Many Bible versions use the word meek for the word translated as “gentle” in Matthew 5:5. Our culture often thinks of meek as weak and spineless. Gentle, however, gives a sense of tempered strength. When Jesus angrily cleared the temple, he stayed focused on his goal, and his anger was directed appropriately. Gentleness can be strong when it needs to be.

God promises to bless those who are gentle and humble. That’s just the opposite of what we see in the world. Often those who succeed are wealthy, harsh and willing to step on anyone to get ahead. But in God’s economy those who are gentle will receive everything — the “earth” refers to the future inheritance of God’s kingdom.

When we ask for the fruit of gentleness in our lives, we are praying for an attitude of humility that, while strong, is considerate toward others. As we see in the example of Jesus, gentleness can be tough, disciplined and powerful.

God’s Promise to Me
*My Spirit grows the fruit of gentleness in your life.

*Great blessings are in store for those who are strong in their faith and gentle in their relationships with others.

My Prayer to God
Lord, thank you for dealing with your people gently, even though you are at the same time sovereign, supreme, holy and just. I want to be a person of principle, a person of strong faith, who stands firm for you, and yet a person with powerful gentleness.

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