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Complicated Choices

As James held the map, his father pointed at the line that ran through Glacier National Park in Montana. “We’re right here—near Triple Divide Peak,” his father said. They’d stopped to get their bearings while backpacking along the Continental Divide Trail. Looking up, his father indicated a rugged mountain ahead of them. “There it is. An interesting place!”

James gazed at the mountain. “Why is it so interesting?” he asked as they resumed their hike.

“It’s the spot where two divides meet,” his father said. “We’re on the Great Divide. That runs north and south across the continent, through this mountain. The Northern Divide starts at this mountain and runs east. These divides determine which way rainwater flows. Water that falls on the summit of Triple Divide Peak can go in three directions. It can go west to the Pacific Ocean, north to the Arctic Ocean, or east to the Atlantic Ocean.”

Making choices can be hard. Especially when you have many options! How will you know which way to go? If you listen carefully, God will tell you. His Spirit will whisper to yours. The Holy Spirit can speak to you directly, or through a Bible passage you read, or through a godly person you turn to for advice.

Bible Verse: Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”Isaiah 30:21

Words to Treasure: [God] will be our guide even to the end.Psalm 48:14

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