Where Will Positivity Take You?

Juli Ocean

Jon and Juli

Last fall, my mentor had suggested that I attend networking meetings. The very idea made my heart race and sweat break out on my forehead. I’m a writer, after all. Prone to long and blissful days of solitude. But to my mentor that equaled living in a vacuum. Instead of imagining all that could go wrong and talking myself out of it, I decided to follow her sage advice and plan to attend one meeting.  Even when the friend who was supposed to go with me bailed out unexpectedly.

Braving it alone turned out to be a blessing in disguise and the discovery of a new talent I didn’t know I had: Fearlessly striking up conversations with complete strangers.

Trusting in the flow of positivity can yield amazing results. People with an upbeat attitude attract more friends, more opportunities, and longer lifespans (see link at the bottom of this post.)…

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