How Christian leaders should serve

[T]he major service of humble Christian spokespersons and leaders in society is to keep before the public—including governments—a true picture of what human well-being is and is not as well as the ways in which genuine human welfare can and must be served. To do this, Christian professionals, spokespeople for Christ, and servant leaders must remain gentle and wise stalwarts in the public square, where they speak, guide, and serve. They and their constituencies are in the real world, meaning they cannot and must not escape into some vague and impotent vision of privatization or renewed visions of a form of “Christ-ocracy” (previously known as Christendom) centered in the local church. Instead, Jesus advocates the very sensible idea that “a city built on a hill cannot be hid” anywhere, and we certainly must not “after lighting a lamp” put it “under a bushel basket” (Matt. 5:14–16).

From The Divine Conspiracy Continued: Fulfilling God’s Kingdom on Earth. Copyright © 2014 by Dallas Willard amd Gary Black Jr. All rights reserved. Used with permission of HarperCollins Publishers.

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