Praying to Our Maker
Isaiah 46:3-4
In the book of Isaiah, we hear the heart of God cry out to his people. They have wandered from his arms, forgotten how to pray, and forsaken their Maker. Instead of seeking God, they have embraced idols and acted unfaithfully. With a passionate longing to bring his people back to his loving arms, God reveals the empty vanity of idols and declares exactly who he is.

In today’s two brief verses, the Creator teaches his children at least three distinct things that should inspire us to pray.

1. He carries us. Idols have no life, they must be carried, and they are actually a burden to those who believe in them and must tote them around. In stark contrast, our God carries us in our times of pain, loneliness, and brokenness. We have all had moments of loss, sorrow, sickness, and pain. In those times we rightly say things like, “If God had not carried me, I would have never made it.”

2. He sustains us. These are the times we keep walking on our own two feet, but the power and presence of our Creator helps us endure the challenges and weather the storms. In these moments we don’t need to be carried, but we absolutely need to be infused with his divine power and aware of his intimate presence. This empowers us to walk on and keep following him.

3. He rescues us. Because he made us and loves us, there are times when God simply delivers us from ourselves or the actions and harm others might bring upon us. I am convinced that on the other side of this life, we will see the countless ways God has intervened on our behalf, often without us having any idea. Of course, the greatest rescue is when Jesus died on the cross and bore our sins, shame, and the judgment we deserved.

If we live each day with a deeply biblical and personal conviction that our Creator carries us, sustains us, and rescues us, we will be compelled to communicate with him. Prayers of praise will flow from our hearts and lips. Cries for help will be frequent, because we will know he loves to deliver us. Confession of our need and brokenness will be uttered. When our eyes are open to see the love and care of our Creator, prayer comes naturally and freely.

Today, consciously aim to pray with abandon throughout the day—bringing praise, confession, requests to your Creator in the confidence that he hears and loves you.