Hope all the fathers had a very happy day with their children. this is what my daughter shared today. I knew she hurt but this reminder brought tears to my eyes.
 My baby

Growing up I hated Father’s Day every single year. I don’t ever post about it or even talk to anyone about it. But today I feel the need. I’ve never known a father’s love nor do I remember having it. But I guess for a little while I did , some version of it. I had his “love” for 10 years until he decided to move on with his life and leave me. Not once looking back he started over with a new family. The hole in my heart is eternal and I think I’ll always have a missing piece. But my AMAZING husband shows me what a REAL dad is like. He shows me how a father is suppose to love his children. How a father encourages them, supports and sacrifices for them each and every day. I am blessed to have him as my partner in life and I truly truly hope that my children know how fortunate they are to have this man adore them and support them throughout all of their life’s decisions and struggles that they may face over time. He’s their biggest fan and he will never let them feel what it’s like to have a missing piece in their heart. Because of him they are whole and because of him my heart mends a little more each year. Thank you Stephen for loving us and being the most amazing man that I know. Today is your day and you’re doing what you do every single day…’re taking care of us. You’re at work and we can’t wait to spend the evening with you. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!! See you soon. I love you!!