Posting Update Please Read

Hi my Blogger friends, I thought about this a lot and came to the decision to post 3 times a week, the other days I will dedicate most of my time to TRY to write my book.

I am truly itching to write the book and posting so much, has caused me to freeze this very important desire.
I was told by someone that sits UP way above me to write, years ago and I intend to follow through.

PLEASE do not leave me, I will be sad to lose even 1 of you. In the 3 Days, I will post, I will try my best to post good material as I have done so far.

I really hope you keep following me because I care about all of you,

Jesus our Savior needs to be talked and read about in our Posts and, I will keep trying to do that.

A big hug and thank you for reading my Blog.

Sometimes the days I do not post Christian literature I will drop a line myself about my life or whatever I  want to share, personally.

Thank you all



I will post my devotionals on every Tuesdays Wednesday and  Thursday.


I will visit your Blogs as often as I can.

Mustard Seed and Leaven

Matthew 13:31–33

Matthew Henry reminds us that yeast “works silently and insensibly, yet strongly and irresistibly.” The kingdom of God works in a similar fashion. Though Christians often suffer and the darkness looks overwhelming, the kingdom is growing nonetheless. One day it will be fully manifest in all creation. Consider today how you have seen the presence of the Lord in your life and pray for His kingdom to come.

For further study:

Genesis 15:1–6

The Bible in a year:

Ezra 3–5

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David: Leadership – Day 8

Read 1 Samuel 17

The way of David is leadership. David types, with their formidable sense of destiny and intense passion, are able to inspire others to action, instilling them with confidence like David instilled in others upon defeating Goliath. David types are leaders at whatever they do, ranging from professional to more personal engagements, from the boardroom to the schoolyard to the athletic field. Any type can lead when it comes to money, but David types have a distinct ability to see the big picture. They possess a clear sense of why something is worth pursuing, and they align resources toward action.

In leadership roles, David types elicit followers because their goals are inspirational and inclusive; they cast a clear vision and welcome others to pursue it with them. Their financial visions and goals inspire followership and financial engagement because they appeal to a shared interest, not simply to a vision or goal that improves the leader’s life alone. David types help others see why financial contribution toward a goal is worth investing their personal resources.

David types are inclined toward the future, toward what is possible. Like David, whose life reveals that he possessed a strong sense of destiny, David types resist satisfaction with situations as they are, figuring out how to make incremental tweaks. Rather, David types explore and invent brand-new futures. They’re blue-sky, big-time visionaries who spend far more time imagining what’s next than focusing on what’s happening right now. They set ambitious goals for their future, and they’re rarely satisfied with life as it is. David types break new ground on a regular basis—they’re always leaning toward the future, toward new possibilities. They tend to be singularly focused and highly driven.

Tomorrow, you’ll learn about the way to financial well-being.


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