Step 9

Today’s reading is drawn from Psalm 51:14-17.

Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

David was the beloved psalmist and shepherd whom God elevated to king of Israel. One important reason David was able to fellowship so closely with God throughout his life was that he was willing to humble himself before God and others. Humility is an attitude that God has been building in us throughout our recovery program, and it is a key ingredient to the successful completion of Step 9.

David’s words “broken and contrite” are very close in idea to the attitude underlying Step 9. In the same way David asked God to help him “open his lips,” we should depend on God to bring a new power and grace to our lives as we correct past wrongs and achieve healthy ways of relating to the people around us.

As we turn to God for the willingness to make amends, we release ourselves from the power of old resentments, which have held us in bondage.

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God Lifts You Up, Day 16

Today’s reading is drawn from Psalm 3:3.

As you survey your life, what situation seems most hopeless to you?

Now consider this: When Absalom tried to steal the throne from his father, David may have thought his reign was over. But rather than surrender to his enemies or listen to all the naysayers, David threw himself into the strong arms of God. In his prayer recorded in Psalm 3, David acknowledged the Lord as the ultimate source of protection, honor and restoration.

It’s not just a neat historical anecdote. It’s a promise. God wants to meet us in the depths and raise us to the heights. Trust him to be your shield.

God’s Promise to Me

*I am your shield.

*I am your glory.

*I am the one who lifts your head high.

My Prayer to God

You are a shield about me, Lord. Keep me from faithlessly and foolishly thinking that my life or my future is in jeopardy. You are my glory and the one who lifts my head.

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