I am sitting in bed with half of myself on the news and the other half thinking about posting something about myself and continue my story that I am sharing in little pieces in an impossible timeline.

Well, I was still in England in the Underground waiting for that “free” Phone I told you about, the one where the line was sooo long that I find it impossible that no one working for the phone company would not notice and report.

We were all young and broke and this was a miracle to keep us connected with our families all over the World.

Mine happened to be in Italy but, we were from all corners, many Countries.

I think I mentioned early in the Blog, LOL I am getting old and a bit on the forgetting side which is not surprising at all. I will tell you about that another time.

Well, as I was waiting for the phone wayyyy behind the line on my only day off at the new job I found after the incident at the boarding house, the girl ahead of me spoke to me in broken English with an unmistakable accent, MINE LOL.

I said hello in Italian and that was the beginning of a friendship that lasted 57 years until last year when I told her that she had been hurting me with her words too many years and that was it for her. I did pray for God’s help if she was meant to be in  my life or not and, I had my sweet answer “no more Loredana”

That was the best thing that happened to me in a very long long time. I put up with her meanness way too long trying in vain to witness about Jesus and the FACT that no one goes to the Father unless he goes through  Jesus Christ the Son, First.

In my EX-friend of a lifetime or 2, everyone “nice,” would go to Heaven.

I prayed and tried to show her Scriptures but the Bible meant nothing to her. She is  Catholic that loves to go to Church every Sunday and I am a born Again  Christian Woman, a Child of God that misses Church and does not feel guilty about it, but, I do owe her something big.

I confessed to her, the First person  I did that I had been sexually molested and whom by.

2 years later she broke the news to my family and my fear of being beaten because I was pregnant by a family friend, was put to rest in that respect.

After London, I became promiscuous and could not say no to men.

The man I slept with had realized that about me so, I was who I became, a very bad girl.

I was only 17 and pregnant.

It was one of the saddest times in my life.

When my parents knew about the pregnancy I was told to abort the baby. I did try not to go through with the abortion but the pressure was too much for me with no one that wanted to help me. I was 17 and my life was getting worse than ever. Sinning had become common but not wanted and my flesh did fight a war I knew nothing about.

No one talked to me about Jesus not even in the orphanage just sin and punishment there!

My parents took me to church Christmas and Easter plus my first communion at 8 years old and at 10 my Confirmation, all for my mamma benefit that believed but did not share. Another story to tell there.

Well, I was packed and sent to my aunt and uncle’s home in Pavia Italy where I was supposed to be exiled until my 18th Birthday. Before that, my other aunt, another one of my mother’s sisters, took me to a private doctor. Abortion was illegal then in Italy in 1972.

The physical pain on top of the emotional and the guilt was terrible. My parents did NOT pay for a shot so, the nurse stuck a clean rag in my mouth and I screamed silently as my aunt held my hand and my baby was ripped apart. NO MORE TONIGHT 


Thank you for reading this,

hope you forgive me and I thank God for forgiving me  for that and for many more sins.

  • English Standard Version

    nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.


Leadership Insight from the Maxwell Bible, Day 1

Today’s reading is drawn from 1 Kings 10:1-9.

Play to Your Strength: The 70-20-5 Principle

Great leaders play to their strength. They don’t spend vast amounts of time attempting to be a jack-of-all-trades. Instead, they deepen their ability to do what they do best, until they do it as well as anyone.

Solomon certainly lived by this principle. God made him the wisest and richest king of his day (1 Kin. 3:12, 13). Other monarchs heard of his wisdom and wealth and eagerly sought an audience with him. From all over the known world, powerful rulers from distant lands made the long trek to Israel to catch a glimpse of this young phenom. Solomon provided rich counsel and gifts to others, and quickly became known for his breadth of mind and depth of insight.

How did Solomon gain such fame? He focused on what he did best. Leaders would be wise to follow a similar pattern, called the 70-25-5 principle:

  • Give 70 percent of your time to your areas of strength.
  • Give 25 percent of your time to the areas you want to improve.
  • Give 5 percent of your time to the areas of your weakness.

The Lessons of Babylon, Day 1

Today’s reading is drawn from Daniel 1:11–17 (NIV).

In the Bible, Daniel 1 tells the story of the Israelites: Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (popularly known as “the Hebrew Boys”). Given internships in the kingdom of Babylon, these young men were fit, healthy, handsome, and quick studies. They were the best of what Israel had to offer. But as they began to serve in Babylon, they were met with a serious conflict: The king had assigned them a diet that did not align with their Hebrew beliefs.

As foreigners, they felt confident they could do the job at hand, yet they had no idea if Babylon’s rules could be adapted to fit their faith. Should they compromise what they believed in to fit into their new careers or stand firm on their convictions and risk not only conflict but potential death?

They decided to make a very savvy move. Rather than recuse themselves from doing the job, they asked if they could do it differently. Daniel and the Hebrew Boys asked their supervisor if they could eat their own diet (consisting of vegetables and water). However, the supervisor worried that if he granted their request, he would lose his job, and refused. Undeterred, they then asked the guard who managed them daily. They said, “If you give us a chance to eat differently for ten days, we will prove that we can fulfill the requirements of our job. If we can’t, we will suffer the consequences.” The guard agreed.

Ten days later, the Hebrew Boys were better nourished and healthier than any of the other interns, so the guard allowed them to continue on with their diet. Ultimately, when it was time for them to be brought before the king, they were found to be ten times healthier and better at their jobs than all their peers.

The takeaway is simple yet profound: They learned in Babylon how to be successful in a secular environment by applying their spirituality in a way that enhanced their success. The Hebrew Boys learned how to succeed while at work in Babylon, not in the synagogue. Some of the lessons they learned:

  • Don’t be afraid of “no.” “No” sets you up for the right “yes.”
  • Passion persuades.
  • Being different is a divine asset.
  • Risk-averse is success-averse.
  • People will either view you as a threat or an asset to their job security.
  • Results matter. The bottom line counts.
  • Persistence is essential.
  • Sacrifice is your salvation.
  • God will show up on the job He’s placed you in, but only if you put Him to the test.
  • Adhering to your spiritual beliefs powers your secular ascent.
    The story of the Hebrew Boys as told throughout the book of Daniel inspired me. It helped me find the courage to pursue a career in Hollywood while adhering to my Christian beliefs. Like the Hebrew Boys, it doesn’t matter if you’re in Hollywood or a completely different profession—these principles will transform your life by empowering you with truth, clarity, and strategy you can use to leap forward into the fullness of your calling.