There Was Still is a friend

I just received the third Picture in 2 weeks from a younger friend of my father. My father will be 80 years old this year. Mom and Dad always had around younger people having in them a capability to grasp young and older people attention and affection. For a few years, I was a happy 7, 8 and 9 years old because of music. These young sixties Italian friends were different from their generation peers. Dad and about a dozen young man in Milan put together the first NewOrleans band in Italy before he met my mom. After they married,  my parents spent many nights playing music in clubs and took me with them.

I loved that smell of beer and wine in the air plus the dusk cloud if smoke even when I was so very tired and would fall asleep anywhere. I would have never changed this new life I thought at that time.

They had a friend, one of the younger ones 18 19  years old my father being 23 at that time.  Giuliano could never stay still.He pretty much saw all corners of the world and loves the orient the most..while, you can see Wild elephants drinking water at the opposite ending of this picture and, he is again on the go and I will wait for the next photograph, in about 40 days he will reach Laos. Giuliano loves the Orient. I met so many interesting people when I was young and a few are coming back around now that we are getting older.another piece of what I would love to write someday if I get a miracle and a true writer would help me. I really need to write the Miracles of God in my life, before I die. I cannot remember everything but it would be sufficient to feel a decent size non-fiction book. Help I scream and wait for a miracle.There is a lot to say about Giuliano and how he believes in Christ and has since he was on a fishing boat in Island. I cannot put all this in order. I remember him. As a usual friend coming and going away in the word with only his guitar and a sleeping bag.He also loved jazz that particular New Orleand Original Jazz. Louis Armstrong is one of them the best next to his mentor King Oliver.

I have no idea when I will continuous this.

I will upload the photo Later and edit.

God bless you,



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        1. I sign mine I research and share other people’s stories. Please pray about it. I was prompt to ask a stranger a sister in Christ for help. Hope you will pray and ask the Lord if you should write a short book of my love story with You Jesus.

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          1. I endeavor to live in a posture of “pray without ceasing,” in which I leave my heart open to His voice throughout the day, so I certainly will continue to remain open for His beautiful promptings, whatever they may be ❤


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