Q & A Chuck And Ron videos

Many Videos of Dr. Chuck Missler,


“What is the greatest source of input into people’s mind today? The answer is entertainment. Entertainment has become the opiate of the masses. From the Coliseum in Rome to the cinemas around the world today, people seem to crave diversion from rather than a connection to real life. I constantly see people with their faces looking down at their mobile world rather than looking up to engage the real world they hardly acknowledge. What is the answer to this troubling trend? Is there a survival guide for the soul under siege? Please don’t get me wrong here. I am not advocating that we run and hide in a cave somewhere. The Bible gives us all of the answers we need to safely transit the minefield of the modern media onslaught.” – Ron Matsen

This is the man I believe will take over for Chuck when Chuck Missler will retire.

He seems O.K. I know he has been under Chuck tutoring for many years.

I will post a couple of his Videos,