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Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Chuck Missler in mp3 format. Charles “Chuck” Missler is an author, evangelical Christian, Bible teacher, engineer, and former businessman. He is the founder of the Koinonia House ministry based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. After teaching for many years at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, Missler moved to Coeur d’Alene in 1992 and founded Koinonia House. Through this organization, Missler distributes a monthly newsletter and Bible study tapes, hosts a radio show, and speaks at conferences.Missler is a prominent speaker on the subject of Bible prophecy.[9] Missler has had numerous programs aired on the Christian television station GOD TV, namely the DVD versions of his biblical studies “Learn the Bible in 24 Hours”, “The Book of Revelation”, “The Book of Genesis”, and “The Book of Daniel”.

 Esther #1 Ch. 1-2 by Chuck Missler

Topic: Esther
Scripture(s): Esther 1-2

Description: Esther is a fascinating book in the Old Testament, it does not mention God in any obvious way but His hand of preservation over the Jewish people is seen in a very dramatic way. In a historical sense, the events in Esther took place between Ezra chapter 6 & 7. It starts with king Xeres of Persia in his winter palace preparing for a huge 180-day long feast just prior to him going to war with the Greek empire. During the feat the king commands that the queen be brought before him and all his noblemen who are there, the queen, however, refuses to come for reasons which are unknown, this angers the king greatly as it sets a very bad example to his lords and also to everyone in the empire, so the king decides to find a replacement for the her. After a search is conducted he chose Esther, a Jewess who was the niece of Mordecai one of the king’s lords, and a descendant of Kish, king Sauls father. Mordecai discovers a plot to kill the king and informs Esther the queen who tells the king and the conspirators were killed probably by impaling, but Mordecai received no reward.. yet.
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 Esther #2 Ch. 3-4 by Chuck Missler

Topic: Esther
Scripture(s): Esther 3-4

Description: Haman is ‘the bad guy’ of the story of Esther, interestingly he was the descendant of Agag king of the Amalekites, a man whom King Saul (of whom Mordecai was a descendant) spared against the will of God, it is interesting that if Saul had obeyed the Lord in wiping out the Amalekites the events of Esther might never have taken place, there is an important lesson here in that our disobedience toward God may have far-reaching consequences beyond our own lives. Haman was prompted to be the ‘prime minister’ of the Persian empire and this everyone had to pay homage to him, which they did, all except Mordecai and Haman was greatly angered by this and sought revenge, not just against Mordecai but against his people, the Jews. Haman went to the king and lied and asks that all the jews were killed in a holocaust fashion, the king doesn’t check the facts but agrees and a decree is sent through all the empire. Mordecai is greatly troubled by this and mourns and tells his niece Esther, the queen, that she has come to her place of status for such a time as this.
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 Esther #3 Ch. 5-7 by Chuck Missler

Topic: Esther
Scripture(s): Esther 5-7

Description: After 3 days of fasting a prayer Esther puts her life on the line and goes and sees the king without his permission, which was a capital offense. The king shows her mercy and asks what her request is, she asks that she would prepare 2 banquets for the king and Haman. This was a great honor for Haman, who is overjoyed by it, so they have their banquet and the king asks again what Esther’s request is, but again she bides her time. Haman on his way home sees Mordecai still mourning and is greatly angered that he still does not honor him. That night the king is unable to sleep and asks for the chronicles to be read to him, in this, he discovers that Mordecai has saved his life and not been rewarded yet. So the king asks Haman what should be done to the man whom the king wishes to honor, Haman thinking the king means him advises him how and the king commands that Haman honors Mordecai!! If this wasn’t enough for Haman the day after Esther exposes his plot to the king to kill her and all the jews the king flies of into a rage and demands Haman be killed on the very instrument of execution that he had prepared for Mordecai. A problem still remained, however, the empire had declared that all Jews should be killed on a certain day and that day was looming.
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 Esther #4 Ch. 8-10 by Chuck Missler

Topic: Esther
Scripture(s): Esther 8-10

Description: Haman, the enemy of the jews, is now dead but that doesn’t mean that the Israelites are safe. The king could not stop his own edict due to the laws of the Persian empire. Mordecai was made the prime minister of the whole empire and so was given the task of resolving the issue by the king. He set about this by creating new laws that would protect the jews on the day they were set to be massacred. So when the day finally came that all the jews should be killed they fought for their lives and were helped by the authorities. At this time approximately 76 thousand people were put to death throughout the whole empire spanning from India to North Africa but the jews did not take any of the spoil from their enemies. At this time Haman’s 10 sons were also put to death and their bodies hung up in order to disgrace them, this finally meant the end the Amalekites, whom King Saul had disobediently spared hundreds of years prior.
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 Esther #5 Macrocodes in Esther Part 1 by Chuck Missler

Topic: Esther

Description: The name Esther means ‘something hidden’, Martin Luther argues that the book should be removed from the canon of scripture and one of his main reasons was that the book doesn’t even mention the name of the Lord, but Luther was wrong because Esther does mention the name of God it’s just encoded in the text. The Bible is full of different codes from equidistant letter sequences to macrocodes, the Word of God has depth which can never be fathomed, the interesting point about some of the codes is that encoded words are always found in passages where the plain text bears some relevance to the encoded word, a phenomenon which is unique to the Bible. The Hebrew name for Jesus, Y’shua is found in the Old Testament over 5,500 times including all major messianic prophecies and even to the extent in Isaiah 53 encoded in the text is ‘Yeshua is my name’. Incredible! Another interesting point is the title Pilate wrote and placed on the cross above the Lord ‘Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews’ where in Hebrew the first letter of each word spells ‘YHWH’ the unutterable name of God that He revealed to Moses. Definitely a message for anyone interested in Bible codes.
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 Esther #6 Macrocodes in Esther Part 2 by Chuck Missler

Topic: Esther

Description: Macrocodes are hidden codes within a body of information that is encrypted within over a wide section of the information, within the Word of God they are better known as types. Dr. Missler puts forward the argument that the book of Esther is not only a fascinating and dramatic narrative but is also a story of our own redemption. The book starts with the king (who represents our soulish nature) and his fall and separation from the queen (the spiritual side), but the king searches out another queen and is united with her, unknown to him though is that the new queen Esther is a child of adoption to Mordecai the Jew (who represents the Spirit of God). Haman and his sons represent the flesh and the works of the flesh respectively, interestingly the meanings of each of Haman’s son’s names is a different attribute of the fallen nature of man, whether independence or self-righteousness etc. Using the types that Dr. Missler puts forward we have to ask who rules within us, is it Haman (the flesh) or Mordecai (the Spirit). Interestingly the king is unaware of Haman’s true intent until he is exposed by the Esther, Haman is deposed and later put to death, as the flesh must be as the flesh can perform many ‘godly’ works but will never surrender as long as we are this side of eternity, and Mordecai given rule of the empire. Who rules in our hearts?