The Return Home

We are home

This was the best Christmas in a long time.

Let’s remember the trip back


We left mid-morning and had decided to make the trip a little longer and stop by my husband’s mother outside Orlando in Lake County.

My husband fixed the back seat as a bed to help me because of my back surgery.

Hours went by and I started to slip from the bed like pillows and blankets, into the space in between the back seat and the front one.

We stopped and Toby, my husband had to pull me out with my right hand in his because my body was falling as I was trying to keep my balance trying to compensate with muscle I forgot I had, the slide or, at least give Toby a few extra seconds to slow my short but painful fall, I said a quick prayer because this could cause me a big problem because of my Surgery still causing me pain.

It was really in part funny and I busted in a nervous laughter.

I had to learn in life to laugh at any things that were bothersome, put me in a bad light without fault of my own. or, worse.

Even pain was a reason to laugh in order to hide it.

My father,  the father that raised me as His own,  tough me how to make fun of oneself.

Yes,  I had 2 fathers.

My birth father kicked my mom out with a year and half old child, me.

I will talk about him and God’s Grace sometimes in the future, God Willing.

It was a hard time for my mother, a time of bad decisions and tears for them, mother and child.

Mom met 4 years later an handsome young jazz musician in Milan Italy where I am from.

They fell in love and they married.

My stepfather claimed me as his own child.

I m tired from the trip so, please forgive me as I am fighting sleep.




God IS good!


Our sins forgotten Part 1

If God kept a record of every human’s past sins, then no one would be able to stand before him when their turn came to give an account for their life. But Psalm 130:3 explains that the Lord does not keep a record of all the times each believer sins. He will not have everyone come before him so that he can scold them for every single sin they committed since they were born. Hebrews 10:17 says, “Their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more.”

God is not looking to discover the faults of man, but instead he is gracious. His memory is short when it comes to humanity’s wrongdoing. God’s grace is evident. He does not keep score in the midst of mankind’s propensity toward waywardness.

This forgiveness, grace and mercy that God is so eager to give his followers comes through the sinless life, death and resurrection of Jesus. He is the only way in which humans can receive God’s forgiveness (Mt 26:28; Eph 1:7; 1Jn 1:9; 2:12). First John 4:10 explains that Jesus is the “atoning sacrifice” for all sins, which means he is the sacrifice that can repair every person’s relationship with God, bringing about perfect reconciliation between God and sinners. God no longer has to keep track of everyone’s sins because he placed all sin on Jesus when he was on the cross (2Co 5:21). With the sacrifice of Jesus, God provided a remedy for the guilt and shame of all humankind, offering them a clean slate. With the resurrection of Jesus, sin and death have been defeated, and God is now solely focused on bringing everyone to himself through the forgiveness, grace and mercy that can be found through belief in Jesus and what he did on the cross (Jn 3:16).

Jesus, thank you for erasing the lengthy record of my sin. Help me to live free of sin’s entanglements, so you can better use me for your purposes. Amen

From Jesus Bible study YouVersion.,