Holy Spirit


TThe Holy Spirit is my best friend.

Without Him my life was dead, no God, no Hope, Nothing but a sinner that wanted to die.

I am not going to give a testimony as yet. I did give a little bit in an earlier blog.

When I became a believer, I did not receive the Holy Spirit or, with all the sinning and pain I carried I did not realize until a few month later.

The Spirit of God was the one that Comforted me as I spent 4 years fighting God as a “Born Again” Christian.

That was the best thing as you know if you are a believer that Happened to me.

as a Christian, I went through a cleansing of my Soul.

There, finally recognized, the Spirit of God revealed himself to me again, after some experiences earlier that I did not believe fully.

It was a very painful 4 years plagued by physical and mental illnesses.

As I screamed to the Lord, literally to help me, I could feel “something” touching my heart.

When finally I recognized God as a Spirit not a man,(I was hurt a lot by man)

I started feeling the Holy Spirit more in my life.

He does come not only touch me when I was under duress but in quiet times as well. 

Times of reflection in my heart and in God’s Words.

I believe that the Bible IS the Word of God, all of it.

I see, connections between old and New Testament that finally, after 4 years of fighting with the Father became more clear.

I prayed for years to find a good teacher and I thank Chuck Missler for His work.

It was because of Chuck and my Christian Therapist that, I started to believe God the Father loved me.

Well, not to write a long blog, I just want to thank God the Spirit, my Best Friend for His presence in my Heart together with Jesus my Lord and Savior.

His presence is wonderful and I get a piece of Heaven!