My little Belle is in Heaven!

I thank the Father for the many years HE gave me with my little dog Belle.

She was always near me, so faithful and beautiful!

I have many memories to remember her by.

She was also my Emotional Support Dog, more like my friend.

We both became anxious when away too many hours from each other.

Wow, one might think is weird but it was a new thing, a beautiful one and recent one to find out for me.

I am almost always home alone and truly have no real, real friends and this innocent so loving pet, my Belle, became without my even realizing until a few years ago, my best friend.

I want to thank the Father in Heaven for His comforter, the Holy Spirit that dried my tears all night last night, I can at times still feel His peaceful Presence.

God IS so very good and as I miss my Belle I know she is there, with Him because God is NOT a liar, He cannot lie is against His nature and this is in the Bible, that animals are in Heaven.

I love the Bible but I never find passages unless I search.

Today I just want to ask you if you remember that God said in the Bible where a lion will lay beside a child so, there are animals in Heaven or will be and mine, all of them will be there with my mamma, the children I never gave birth to and, all my loved ones.

It is comforting knowing that it is most likely the case because will be so very happy with Jesus in Heaven when our times, mine, will come.

Thank You, my Lord and Savior, for the gift of an everlasting life in adoration of YOU.

I love YOU JESUS, my LORD, with all the strength I have and, I ask YOU to help me love YOU more each day that goes by.

You gave me life, forgave all my sins and gave me more then I need.

I did not deserve a little dog especially one that loved me so much but, HE gave her to me to care for as He tells us to do in the Bible, there, again. Take care of your animals is also in the Bible.

God loves His Creation and this little dod, Belle was a gift undeserved from HIM.

Some people will laugh at me but, I do not care.

I love her still because she will never be dead for me!