A part of myself

I thank God the darkness I used to live in has been replaced by His Light.

My mental illnesses kept me for years in very dark places.

I was 7 when in Italy I saw as I already mentioned, a Psychologist then, at 13 again but at that age, something more happened to me to make me even sicker.

I found out at the age of 26 that  I was Bipolar had Adhd,  suffered from  P.T.S.T and also to top it up had Dissociative Disorder.

Wow, now you might think that I am too crazy to follow and even crazier to dare say that God healed me but, it is exactly what happened.

The only true problem I have these days is that I find it a little hard to put all that happened together and that is the reason I am blogging so I can talk a little bit at the time, no rush and no big book as my life would require writing, true. LOL

I had my beautiful Miracle at the age of 20.

My poor baby, now a mother herself had to suffer growing up with a sick mother.

The beautiful child, “THE” gift given to me by the Lord, my only child Kim, my life, deeply loved baby I, unfortunately, was not able to care about properly knows all I say is true.

This inability to be a good mother did not do for lack of love but my sick mind and a sinful life did also contribute to my being less than a good mother, I DID DO THE BEST I COULD and Kim knows it. I am truly so very sorry she did not have a better mom that had time for her, made more time for her.

I worked day and night to raise my child without her father and made many mistakes but my love for her was a primal love as only mothers understand and can have, I am sure of that.

I will always be honest with anyone reading this blog and this is it for tonight.

God bless you,