MY Husband

I am sitting on my bed and I am just listening to my husband’s breathing.

My baby, so very tired.

He, had the hardest week working he ever had.

We are not fancy or have very interesting lives but, our past has brought us to Jesus and the peace that we longed for all our lives.

Is not like this all the time.

We have fights, misunderstanding but, in the end.  Love and God, win!

I met my husband Toby in a go-go bar I was working in.

His usual bar was closed that night so, the closest one was one of the Clubs I worked in.

I found myself I interested in this very slim young man that could have been my son because he was NOT paying attention to me or other dancers. I liked that a lot.

I was tired of the stares the lust in man’s eyes and he was so refreshing.

During my break, I did something I never did before or after.

I, with the excuse to get a glass of water, stood on a bar stool next to his not as a dancer but as a woman.

He glanced at me with the corner of his hazel eyes, and I felt such innocence in him that a desire to hold him overcame me.

I fell in love.



I live in a town close to Ft Lauderdale, actually, all these little towns merge into Miami or Ft Lauderdale.

I would prefer to leave up in the hills like my father is, with my husband the cat and the dog.

After my mamma death, my father became more of a Hermite and moved into a house up the Alps at one kilometer above the town he was leaving in when mom was alive.

He has always a solitary man. Sailboat mountains and all of this by the Grace of God.

I feel bad that he does not see God’s hand in his life.

Another long story…

We were always almost really poor except for a short time.

Our home was always dignified and as was homeschooled I learned things good and bad that were out of the norm.

I pray daily with my husband Toby for my father’s Salvation and I am amazed at God favor and love for my dad, us as a family during hard times.

I should not be surprised, Jesus came for the lost and the sinner’s which we all were.

I cannot get into details right now but someday I will.

Pain, sinning as well.

Life is always unknown when there is no God in the middle. and, not very good no matter what some people might say.

There is no joy especially when pain and sin are so closely related.

I thank God for His protection and forgiveness for myself and those I love.

Another nonsense blog only I, truly understand, sorry!!

My hints are there but not all the story.

God is so very good!!