My One love!

My Rock,  my Beloved,  my everything.

I am deeply in love with Jesus. I wake up and I talk to Him,  I go to sleep only after I spent time with Him.

Just a simple I love you my Jesus and in you I trust. My friend Ike is bringing so much life in this little blog we share.

God is truly amazing!

He never lets me down.

His is💕 so deep and His Heart is too beautiful. Why does He show me so much, Grace?

I was a sinner but now,  I am a child of God!!

Only a month ago He made sure we would not lose the home He gave us.

Miracles,  small and big.

He saved me as I was kicking and fighting Him.

How much love for the woman,  the sinner I used to be.

He takes the brokenhearted and fixes them as He did for me.

My Jesus,  how much I love you and I seek You as water in a desert knowing that He will quench the thirst without a staff. No need for it because His Spirit is in me every minute of the day even when I forget for a while.

Not an elegant post but,   I true small window of my grateful heart!

I love You my Lord, my Savior,  my all.