For  3 days I was sick with a terrible allergic reaction.

They gave me the Influenza  Shot. I  had a lot happening including fear of losing my home.

Even as I was sick, the Lord shows me my fears and were to make amends.

I am well today and I just want to thank Him for a love that opened my eyes

In the Mist of my hallucination though my fear one thing was the worse and this is funny today.

I thought I sold my home for 1 dollar.

I called my husband  frantic and told him I sold the house for $1 to my Renter,

I was convinced and terrified  that I did sell my house, LOL

Oh well, this showed me I don’t trust the Lord as much as I thought.

Confessing my sins to Jesus to bring to the Fathe’ feet made me feel so very good and with a cleaner heart.

 psalm ! 38,1

give you thanks, O Lord, with my whole heart;    before the gods, I sing your praise;