“The law and the prophets were until John.
Since that time the kingdom
of God has been preached,
and everyone is pressing
into it.” Luke 16:16 NKJV

The original intentions of
God in creation was to
institute a relationship and fellowship between Himself and man.
This was clearly seen in the way God made His
presence available to Adam and Eve “,walking
in the garden in the cool
of the day” Gen. 3:8
Sin became a hindrance
to man’s closeness with God because He is
“of a pure eyes than to
behold evil”
and it is sin that hides
His face from us.
(Hab 1:13; Isa 59:2)

Jesus came as a Mediator
‘between God and man’
1Tim 2:5
First, He became a sin
bearer that took our
sins upon Himself, showed man His uprightness, and then
opened up the pathway
for us to be reconciled
back to God(1Tim 2:6;
John 1:29; Eph 2:16)

Jesus is the ONLY WAY to
be reconciled back to
God(Act 4:12)
When we accept Him
as Lord and Saviour
then He gives us “the
right to become children of God, to those who
believe in His name”
John 1:12

A Christian life is quite
different from that of
being religious.
Religion has its DOES
and DONTS very difficult
to keep 100%
Jesus came and fulfilled
the law which is of religion.
He then established
Christianity – the way of
life for those who hears
His voice and follow Him.
To them He also calls
friends.(Matt 5:18; John 15:25; Rom 8:3,4)
“You are My friends if
you do whatever I
command you.” John 15:24

The call to become a Christian is a call to
freedom and joyous life.
It is a life of freedom
from the oppressive
power of the devil.
It’s a joyous life of
fellowshipping with
Christ through the
Holy Spirit (1Cor 1:9;
Rom 14:17)

Nothing on earth can
be better than being
in a good relationship
with its Creator ie God
the Father.
To fellowship with Him
in the Holy Spirit is so
awesome and
worth to experience.
When we do His will we
attract His goodwill and
Lives a good life.(John
10:10b; 14:23)
– Ike