What a day!

went to see someone special in my life, a truly wonderful Christian friend,

I came home, burning to start writing about God and give Him Glory and ended up trying to understand how to finish fixing this site. I uploaded music I cannot find and I pray you can. God is very good indeed to love such a mess that I was and still am.

sooner or later I will write, in the meantime my friend and brother in Christ Ike, the true writer here, LOL will write whatever he wants to share.

It is all about God, His Love beauty, perfection in all He IS.

This is my God whom, saved my life in ways I will tell you about and hope to help someone who found themselves sinning and suffering as well.

If HE, forgave me, you are in good shape I was a terrible sinner and HE took me in His arm and when I gave myself to HIM, the journey began.

I promise you the truth!